Stake $GIGA, Earn $GIGA

An estimation of your potential income when staking $GIGA. Stake more to earn more.
APR changes as total $GIGA in staking pool changes.

Total $GIGA Staked Estimated APR
10,000 101,388%
100,000 10,138%
250,000 4,055%
500,000 2,027%
1,000,000 1,013%
2,500,000 405%
Total $GIGA Staked Estimated APR
5,000,000 203%
10,000,000 101%
20,000,000 51%
40,000,000 26%
50,000,000 21%
70,000,000 15%

Staking FAQ

Go full Alpha and stake your $GIGA for massive rewards.

What is staking?
Staking means you put your $GIGA into a staking pool, which is a smart contract deployed to the BSC. Doing this gives you daily rewards, which automatically grows your $GIGA holdings.
How much $GIGA will I earn when I stake?
Every day, a total of 27,778 $GIGA will be rewarded to stakers. You earn $GIGA according to how much $GIGA you stake compared to the total. Example: if the total staked $GIGA of all stakers is 1,000,000 $GIGA, and your stake is 100,000, you earn 10% of the total reward, meaning you earn ~2,778 $GIGA per day.

Note: your daily reward changes as you and others stake and unstake. You can use the widget to estimate your daily and monthly earnings.
How do I stake?
Staking is very simple, connect your wallet with the widget on this page. Then, enter how much $GIGA you want to stake, and click "Stake $GIGA". Confirm the transaction in your wallet, and it's done. You are earning rewards!
Can I withdraw my $GIGA at any time?
When you stake your $GIGA, your tokens will be locked for 30 days. However, if you really need your tokens right away, you can do an emergency withdrawal at a 20% penalty fee. After the 30 days you can withdraw your tokens without additional costs (besides gas fees).
How do I receive my rewards?
Your $GIGA staking rewards will be collected in the pool. Whenever you want, you can click "Claim Rewards" to receive your rewards. This only costs gas fees.
When does the staking pool start and end?
The staking pool goes live on Feb 1st on the DEX launch of the $GIGA token. The staking pool will run for 180 days, and ends on July 30th.
How is current APR calculated?
Every day 27,778 tokens are distributed as rewards among stakers. APR (Annual Percentage Rate) is calculated by dividing total rewards per year (27,778 * 365) by the total $GIGA staked. For example, if the total amount staked is 100,000 GIGA, the APR equals (27,778 * 365) / 100,000 * 100% = 10,138 % APR.

This means APR changes constantly as holders stake and unstake. For an estimated APR table, please see below.